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Teeth Whitening Lowell MAWhen you want to brighten your smile, teeth whitening Lowell, MA can trust is found at Crosspoint Family Dental. For busy professionals, or anyone who needs immediate results, we recommend our in-office procedure; and for anyone looking to whiten his or her teeth on a budget with time to dedicate at home, we recommend our tray solution. If you are interested in any kind of teeth whitening, visit our Lowell, MA office and schedule an appointment today!

Tray Teeth Whitening from Lowell, MA Dentists

Our tray whitening method is a less expensive alternative for anyone interested in having a brighter white smile. We will take custom molds of your teeth and create personalized whitening trays that fit exactly to your mouth. Your trays will be available a few days after your initial visit, which is when we will take the time to personally educate you on how to use our at-home teeth whitening solution. Typically, we recommend that our patients wear their trays for an hour a day, for about two weeks. Once your customized teeth whitening plan is complete, you will have the desired brightness that you have always wanted in your smile!

The In-Office Teeth Whitening Method in Lowell, MA

Our in-office teeth whitening method in Lowell, MA is a great way to have your teeth professionally whitened. The entire procedure takes about one hour, and leaves you with a smile that shines. During the procedure, we protect the soft tissue of your gums by applying a protective gel over them. Then, we apply a whitening agent to the teeth, and use a special laser to enhance the agent’s action. After about an hour, you will have pearly white teeth and a radiant smile. Finally, we will give you trays made from impressions of your teeth to take home and help you maintain your new gorgeous grin. Our Lowell, MA in-office teeth whitening procedure is one of the favorite services that we offer to the local area.

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Our office is conveniently located on 850 Chelmsford Street in Lowell, MA. We offer hours that fit the schedules of our busy patients from a variety of occupations. If you are interested in teeth whitening, Lowell, MA dentists from Crosspoint Family Dental have the perfect solution for you!

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From reception to dental hygienist to doctor, my experience was wonderful. Very polite and supporting. No complaints! Awesome first visit and looking forward to going back!
Dalice D.

I am a new customer to the dental practice but am very pleased with the level of care that I have a received so far. My hygienist, Stephanie, was very thorough (and gentile) during the cleaning/exam and went above and beyond to assist me with my insurance coverage. 5/5 would recommend to anyone in search of a new dentist!


I have been going to this practice close to 20 years. There was a different doctor before however even the new team is great. No complains over any of their treatments or recommendations.

Jayant (Jaimin) P.